AP1000E, AP1055E Pavers Released by Caterpillar

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on April 15, 2011

The new AP 1055E Asphalt Paver from Caterpillar

Caterpillar Inc. has added the AP1000E and AP1055E asphalt pavers to the paving products machine family. Excellent mobility, superb visibility, powerful C7.1 or C6.6 engine with ACERT™ Technology, and comfortable operating environment are just some of the features that you can expect from these new asphalt pavers.

High-production paving applications require equipment that is powerful, reliable and fuel efficient, with easy-to-use technological features that promote excellent mat quality. The AP1000E and AP1055E asphalt pavers meet these objectives and more.

In markets that require U.S. EPA Tier 4 and E.U. Stage IIIB interim standards, the AP1000E and AP1055E will feature a Cat® C7.1 engine with ACERT™ Technology, while machines that are only required to meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 or E.U. Stage IIIA emission standards come equipped with the Cat® C6.6 engine with ACERT™ Technology. Both engines deliver 168 kW (225 hp) of power.

The Cat C7.1 engine utilizes the building blocks of ACERT technology including the Cat NOx Reduction System and Cat Clean Emissions Module to comply with Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards. This innovative combination yields extremely clean combustion and continues to deliver steady power in all operating conditions with outstanding fuel efficiency.

Other features include dual operating stations with the Advisor Monitoring System (AMS), tilting consoles, exclusive Mobil-Trac™ undercarriage or wheel undercarriage system, high ambient temperature cooling system, 25 or 35 kW generator, and unique material handling system with independent auger and conveyor controls.

A top-mounted cooling system with high ambient temperature capability provides cool intake air to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions. Exhaust air exits toward the hopper, providing a cool engine compartment and cleaner working environment for the crew.

Dual swing-out stations, tilting consoles and the low-profile design of the cooling system provide good forward visibility that enables the operator to communicate effectively with the truck driver while monitoring mix in the hopper. Extending the stations beyond the machine frame also enables good joint-matching capability and optimal rearward visibility to the auger chamber.

The Advisor Monitoring System located on the left operating station provides an interactive, text-based interface to assist the operator. It is available in multiple languages for today’s diverse paving crews. The system includes fuel saving features including engine speed control that automatically adjusts engine rpm when the propel lever moves to and from neutral. An eco-mode feature also conserves fuel by lowering the engine speed to 1,650 rpm when less demanding operating conditions exist. The display provides project-planning calculators, start-up checklists, engine operating conditions, and service code information that can also be easily accessed for quick problem-solving capability.

The highly reliable Mobil-Trac™ undercarriage on the AP1055E provides excellent flotation and limits disturbance on soft base materials, ensuring uniform mat thickness. Large oscillating bogies and hydraulic accumulators progressively overcome surface irregularities with minimal tow point movement limiting the effects of mix piles and manholes for a smoother mat. The Mobil-Trac undercarriage can be equipped with one of two belt designs. The tread-bar design provides better traction when grade conditions are soft, while the smooth belt provides more contact surface for good performance when pushing trucks and less base disruption when turning.

Whether most of your paving applications take place on hard surfaces or soft base materials, the non-directional radial drive tires of the AP1000E provide a large ground contact area for good flotation, stability and traction. A position sensor located in the left steering cylinder helps maintain consistent travel speeds when making turns by adjusting the drive speed of the propel motors according to the steering angle of the front wheels, leading to better mat quality and less wear on the drive system. The front wheel assist option provides power to the rear bogie wheels for added traction, while the all-wheel drive option provides power to the front and rear bogie wheels, maximizing traction in all conditions.

Mobility and consistent speeds are keys to efficient paving operations. The Cat system is equipped with three propel/steering modes: PAVE, TRAVEL and MANEUVER. The PAVE mode enables the automatics for mix delivery, while the TRAVEL mode maximizes speed. When operating in MANEUVER mode, the AP1055E enables the machine to rotate within it’s own footprint, while the AP1000E permits an inside turning radius of 0.5 m (1.5 ft) for superb mobility in confined areas.

The material handling system is the most advanced in the paving industry. Automated controls and well-designed components reduce segregation potential and maximize efficiency for higher mat quality. The system utilizes four individual pumps that enable each conveyor and each auger to deliver the exact amount of mix to the screed. The left and right conveyors in addition to the left and right augers are controlled independently ensuring mix demand is met when increasing or decreasing paving widths. The system can be equipped with a two sonic sensor design or four sonic sensor design; depending on customer preference. Each of these systems signal the augers and conveyors to run faster or slower when changing paving widths, thus keeping the head of material at the set level. When paving around obstacles the system automatically makes the necessary adjustments for uniform delivery.

These machines can be equipped with a 25 or 35 kW hydraulic generator that provides quiet power for the electric screed heat, auxiliary lights and job site tools. The 25 kW generator is sufficient for most applications, however when utilizing large lighting packages, the 35 kW generator and additional auxiliary power panel will deliver the power you need. The 7 kW auxiliary power panel is equipped with six, 120-volt receptacles and one, 240-volt receptacle, for all your job site power requirements.

Rigid supports, reliable heating systems and easily adjustable screed plates make Cat® screeds the choice of high-production contractors. These screeds utilize the industry leading electric heating system that provides fast warm-up, simple operation and unmatched reliability.

The AS2302C vibratory screed features narrow front-mounted extenders. The extenders utilize 229 mm (9″) wide screed plates, allowing it to work close to obstacles and reducing the need for handwork when changing paving widths.

The AS3301C vibratory screed features rear-mounted extenders with heavy-duty support tubes that stabilize the extenders and provide rigidity for even material flow when paving wide widths. This screed performs well on interstates, airports and other high production applications.

The AS4252C screed utilizes vibratory screed plates as well as tamper bars in order to maximize density behind the screed. This screed with double extending support tubes delivers excellent stability and can pave up to 8.0 m (26’ 4’’).

Cat asphalt pavers can be equipped with the Cat® Grade and Slope system. This system is a factory-integrated guidance system that helps remove irregularities from the surface and control mat thickness for increased production, lower operating costs, and higher profitability. It is entirely supported by Caterpillar; ensuring the grade control system and paver are setup to optimize performance and meet job site requirements.

The optional Product Link system provides accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and condition of your equipment. The system streamlines diagnostic efforts, maintenance scheduling, and costs by providing communication flow of vital machine data and location information between the dealer and customer.

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